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LED therapy


Anti-aging LED light therapy is a natural method of skin revitalisation that involves the use of light-emitting diodes. In addition, under the influence of the red light the level of natural skin hydration is increased, moisture is retained better and inflammation and redness disappear.
  • Anti-aging LED light therapy – $80
  • First trial – $60

The wonderful effect is achieved thanks to use of infrared light which:

  • stimulates production of collagen and elastin in the deepest skin layers;
  • improves blood circulation and metabolism;
  • has a revitalising effect;
  • promotes natural skin tightening and smoothing of its surface;
  • eliminates wrinkles;
  • is used to treat rosacea and other skin diseases.

The procedure helps to smoothen wrinkles and increase resistance to external factors.

LED light therapy activates specific reactions at the cellular level. A cosmetologist selects the optimal wavelength to achieve the desired effect. For the revitalising effect, it will be red 620 nm waves.

LED light therapy is an ideal solution for people with sensitive skin, because it’s the most gentle method of rejuvenation. It doesn’t cause any thermal, chemical or mechanical damage on the dermis, so you won’t need to recover from the procedure. It’s absolutely harmless!

As a result of this anti-aging therapy, the skin becomes smooth, moisturized and healthy. The procedure allows to achieve the desired glow and freshness about which women living in a big city dream. Using the best equipment, cosmetologists of VK Skin SPA can provide you with revitalising LED light therapy at the highest professional level. They will definitely take into account all the characteristics of your skin.

Effective treatment of acne is a significant achievement of LED light therapy. LED light therapy relieves irritation, reduces redness and narrows pores. Naturally, all this contributes to positive changes in the skin texture and its turgor.
  • LED acne therapy – $80
  • First tria – $60

For treating acne we use special blue light LED lamps that:

  • have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect;
  • kill bacteria and remove acne;
  • have a restorative effect on damaged cells.

LED light therapy relieves irritation, reduces redness and narrows pores. Naturally, all this contributes to positive changes in the skin texture and its turgor.

Considering all its features, you can seen that it successfully copes with the acne problem. The cause of this disease is a propionic acid bacterium that dies under the influence of the blue LED light. Therefore, we can eliminate the cause of the disease and the problem will disappear.

This kind of therapy is much better than pharmacological methods, in particular – than antibiotical treatment. Antibiotics don’t always show expected results and may cause lots of side effects. LED light therapy, on the contrary, is able to show visible effect already after the first procedure. Keep in mind that the procedure not only promotes the rapid treatment, but also prevents skin problems in the future.


  • tumors;
  • hypertonic disease;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • other skin pathologies.

We should say not only about high effectiveness of this method, but also about its safety. Blue light doesn’t contain ultraviolet rays, doesn’t have thermal effects on skin and doesn’t damage it. You can be confident in the wonderful result, but rather experience it yourself in VK Skin SPA!

Frequently asked questions

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1. Which age is appropriate for visiting VK Skin SPA?

There are no age restrictions for visiting our place. However, you should consult the cosmetologist before signing up for the beauty session as far as some of the procedures are not recommended for people under 18 (for instance, chemical peels).

2. What is included into the price of services?

You get various bonuses for each particular case. Each procedure you order goes with our gift that includes makeup removal, skin preparation with nourishing cream and treats from VK Skin SPA for our clients: tea, coffee, sweets and fruits.
The price of the mesoderm microneedling procedure already includes the preparatory enzymatic peel as well as facial mask and LED-therapy at the end of the procedure. In order to find out which additional services are included into the promotion offers, check out the Hot Promotions page and click on the offers you like most. You are guaranteed to find a lot of pleasant surprises there!

3. What are your guarantees?

VK Skin SPA has a friendly and cozy atmosphere of complete relaxation accompanied by harmonious lounge music, sensible team of professional cosmetologists with a great hands-on experience and individual approach to each client. We guarantee to endow you with freshness, beauty and gorgeousness. What is more, we will give you the best skincare advice for your face and body that you can follow at home, as well as teach you how to take care of your amazing beauty outside VK Skin SPA and always be at your best!

4. How can I pay for the VK Skin SPA services?

Choose the payment option which is the most convenient for you: in cash, with a credit card or by check.

5. I’ve got VK Skin Spa certificate as a present, what can I choose?

If you are a lucky owner of our certificate, you can either choose the service on your own at the website or call us and get the detailed consultation. We will help you to relate your needs to the sum of the certificate and choose most suitable spa-procedures.

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